What is survive game metaverse


  • Free-To-Play -The surviving gaming ecosystem is a free environment, which means that it is open to everyone regardless of their income or social standing. You’ll be able to use a large range of the most popular gaming utilities fully for free, with no hidden costs. The surviving platform’s creators make this available in order to build a fair and friendly game ecology for all parties involved.
  • True Digital Ownership -NFTs are collectibles with a proof of ownership tag, and they apply to in-game utilities and products in the Survive gaming environment as well. You can buy and keep these in-game tools for as long as you want. And the surviving platform has the best tools in place to ensure that these in-game services and assets are completely yours..
  • Play-To-Earn -The surviving gaming ecosystem has an actively lucrative play to earn gaming mechanism that may be used to help the ecosystem flourish and engage more people. You will be able to earn tokens, including the $SURV tokens, which may be traded and switched at your leisure at any time. Other cryptocurrencies and in-game assets can be acquired by playing the survivor games, and this function also opens you up to a variety of perks and bonuses..
  • An Epic Gameplay Economy -The survival ecosystem is aimed to provide users with an immersive and stunning experience, with increased storylines and in-game architecture. Consider a gaming ecosystem with a robust in-game economy that is participatory and consistently promotes worthwhile activities. This in-game economy is governed by the Survive platform’s native currency $SURV, which will be used to buy and sell various in-game utilities and commodities..
  • Metaverse-A metaverse is a hyper virtual digital environment that contains detailed elements of reality. And the survive ecosystem has the best of the metaverse experience to offer. It has its metaverse experience sectioned in two distinctive in-game environment that are the ; Meta City and the No-Go Area. These in-game environment allows for various metaverse experience and you can even buy lands, animals, cars and so much more inside the survive metaverse ecosystem.
  • Build Your Squad -The nature of the survivor game allows for the formation of teams or squads. And this means you may easily and successfully assemble a squad of up to 100 real-life gamers, with whom you can take on foes in the form of zombies or opponents. This has been made feasible by the surviving gaming platform, which allows for collaborative activities and lucrative relationships both within and outside the ecosystem.
  • Continuously Updated-The surviving platform will be modified throughout time, with new utilities and innovations added to its repertory. This feature is noteworthy since the metaverse experience must be refreshed on a regular basis in order to maintain the fun factor for users and gamers.
  • Augmented Reality -The surviving ecosystem is made up of one-of-a-kind metaverse utilities designed to mimic reality in the most intriguing ways imaginable. There will be a more advanced and immersive interactive digital environment that will be difficult to tell apart from reality. All of this is done to make your time in the metaverse as memorable as possible.


  • Token name : Survive
  • Token Decimals : 9
  • Token Symbol : SURV
  • Smart Contract : Binance smart chain
  • Token type : BEP-20
  • Total supply : 1,000,000,000,000 SURV
  • Tokens For Presale : 50,000,000,000 SURV
  • Listing On : Pancakeswap




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